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Developed by a  cancer survivor, Leslie Jane Naturals is a line of premium household and personal care products that promote a healthier home and environment. 

Because we believe you should be able to care for your home and family without fear of exposing them to harmful ingredients, our products are thoughtfully formulated to be non-toxic and eco-friendly which means no phthalates, parabens, solvents, ammonia, phosphates, sulfates, optic brighteners or dyes. 

Our beautifully-balanced aroma-therapeutic blends have been hand-crafted using essentials oils and natural flavor oils and carefully selected ingredients that you'll want to use again and again.

Thank you for trying our products; we hope you love them as much as we do!

Tell bugs to buzz off with Herbal Insect Repellent

It’s time to take back the outdoors and stop slapping yourself once and for all!

No one likes being eaten alive as they try to enjoy their time outdoors. The easiest and most effective way to deter pesky insects from giving you itchy bites is to spray yourself down. Unfortunately, many commercial products contain DEET (shown to harm brain and nervous system function). Our plant-based Herbal Insect Repellent is a safe alternative formulated with a potent blend of essential oils and plant extracts that have been scientifically proven to repel mosquitoes, no-see-ums, chiggers, ticks, and other biting insects.

Available in Three Formulations: 

6 Months - 2 Years, 2 - 10 Years & 11 Years - Adult

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What Our customers have to say

No more bug bites!  We spend all summer outside and with small children I am not okay putting just anything on their skin and they have crazy sensitive skin. I'm so thankful to have found Herbal Insect Repellent that not only works but also is safe for the whole family to use and does not harm their skin!

Camille W.

I can't brag enough about the Anti-Inflammatory Balm and the wonderful results it produced on my rosacea and dry skin.  This is the absolute best product I have used.  My medications are no more! Everything I've tried has been fantastic.  Thanks Leslie!

David D.

I HAVE to tell you, the Canine Naturals Calming Spray worked WONDERS on Jobs! He is a rescue dog and can be high strung. Before my husband and I went out to dinner, I sprayed the Calming Spray on my hands and rubbed it over Jobs body; paying particular attention to the top of his paws. I figured if he had any anxiety about us being out or, if he heard gun shots in our absence, he would be ok. Unplanned, we invited another couple back to our home (some 4 hours later); people Jobs had never met before. When we arrived home, Jobs normally would be all over our guests, growling and being aggressive (especially since they also have a dog). I couldn't believe it; it was as if he was on medication! Jobs was actually NORMAL to our guests! So, THANK YOU!!!!! I will definitely be ordering more of that product! 😊

Sandra B.

Great product!  First Aftershave I've ever used consistently.

Matt M.

Conditioning Hand & Body Polish is amazing!  It scrubs all your dead skin off and leaves your skin silky smooth.  Plus the smell is amazing.

Lindsay T.

I have been using Leslie Jane Naturals' products for years and for someone who has been utilizing essential oils and natural products for over 25 years I can say I’d be hard pressed to find any other products with such integrity!  Essential Wellness Rollerball Bundle.

Tina H.

This really works!  I purchased Streak-Free Glass & Stainless-Steel Cleaner to deal with stubborn streaks and finger prints on our stainless-steel refrigerator and dishwasher.  This works without leaving a residue like other cleaners I've tried.  Smells nice too!

Belinda R.

Summer Blossom Laundry Detergent is the best ever!  My kids and I have super sensitive skin and we have tried every "fragrance free", "sensitive" or "natural" detergent I could find and it all causes us skin issues.  I am so happy I've finally found a detergent we can all use and cleans our clothes so well!  It removes stains and our clothes come out smelling fresh and clean!!!  Thank you!

Camille W.

I spray Multi-Surface Sanitizing Spray on my hand washed dishes, so good knowing they are sanitized.  I also spray out my sink, as we know, the sink is the dirtiest place in your home.  Sanitizes it and makes it smell so fresh!